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DelugeRPG is an online game where you can catch pokemon, trade them and even battle them against other players. The game was initially based on a lot of features from, but has expanded a lot since then.

Below are the websites, communities and people without which this game would not have been possible:
Bulbapedia, LegendaryPokemon, Veekun, Serebii, DragonflyCave, Spriters-Resource.

For our maps, we use tilesets compiled/created by the following people:
CaptainArcane, ChaoticCherryCave, ThatsSoWitty, WesleyFG

Sixth Gen sprites are courtesy of Smogon XY Sprite Project.
Seventh Gen sprites are courtesy of Sun/Moon Sprite Project.
Eighth Gen sprites are courtesy of Sword/Shield Sprite Project.
Additional sprites missing formes were made by leparagon
Overdrive sprites for Reshiram, Zekrom and the Black and White Kyurems were made by Sweettooth
Ninth Gen sprites are made by KingOfThe-X-Roads

Users who have helped edit sprites for use on the site in the past or present (shiny/back sprites):

Previously used background images are by TopHat from PLDH. They are available for download at PLDH's Gallery section.

All The Players, for all the feedback and suggestions, and sharing this with friends :)

We also use Glyphish Icons and Font-Awesome on various parts of the website.

We are hosted at and use CloudFlare to speed up and protect the site. We use AWS to send mail.

Free and Open Source Software

DelugeRPG heavily makes use of Free and Open Source Software. You can too. Checkout Wikipedia or OSalt to find FOSS alternatives to the commercial software you already use.

Here are some of the Open Source software we use to run the website: Ubuntu Linux, Varnish, HAProxy, NginX, PHP, Percona-Server, Memcached

For development, I've used gedit, Geany, Sublime Text and VSCodium text editors for writing code. GIMP was used for any image-editing. The maps currently being used were made with Tiled. Sprite variants are made with Phatch. We use Gitea for code hosting and version control.

We also use the following Libraries on our website: AmaranJS, Bootstrap, Chart.js, fixto, history.js, html5shiv, jquery, jquery-ui, jquery.scrollTo, jquery.confirm, jquery.timers, countdown, lightbox, Tablesorter, ie7js, selectivizr/ie-css3

Our Forums run on phpBB software.

If you've ever wanted to donate to this game, please donate to any of the above software instead. That will help those wonderful people maintain and provide the software free of cost, which in turn helps millions of sites like ours.

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