Warnings & Bans

Warnings & Bans

While many of the questions here feel sarcastic or insulting, they still are an approximation of what people have often had to say about their ban.
The intention is not necessarily to mock, but to show how some excuses look from the other side.

I got a false warning!

You may create a thread in our Warning Appeals section of the forums if a warning was made in error.
Do not create a thread if your message got marked as a possible scam.

It says my message is a scam! I'm scared!

That simply means the message may be reviewed by Game Administration. There is nothing to worry about unless you were actually trying to scam someone.

My account got banned! How can I appeal my ban?

You may create a thread in our Ban Appeals section of the forums if the ban was made in error.
Pleading for the removal of a properly made ban will not be entertained.

How long am I banned?

Bans are permanent, unless specifically stated in the ban message.

People banned for cheating or inappropriate behaviour are not permitted to use or create any other accounts.

I don't know why I'm banned

The reason for the ban is visible when you attempt to log into the banned account or try to view the profile.

I was banned for no reason

The reason for the ban is visible when you attempt to log into the banned account or try to view the profile.

I got banned for abuse or cheating, can I know how I got caught?

No, you may not.

I WANT PROOF! I am definitely not going to use this proof to avoid getting caught the next time. I have clearly shown I can be trusted.


HAHA! That means you have no PROOF! I'm such a genius!

The serious answer is that any 'proof' provided can also be claimed to be fake, since it only the Game Administration that can view or verify game related evidence.

As alluded to previously, it would also expose how things like cheating is detected, which can only hurt the game.

I didn't even succeed in my attempt to break the rules!

The ban will not be removed just because you failed in your attempt.

Can I at least have my pokemon?

No. That's not how bans work.

Just my favourite pokemon?


What if I ask again and again and again?


What if I make up a story blaming someone else? It was one of the ten people who use my account. Not me!

You are still responsible for your account.

Wait, I know. I'll pretend I don't know what even happened...

You are still responsible for your account.

What if I tell a very sad story that has nothing to do with my ban?


But I have played this game for a very very long time

Then you should have known better.

Does getting banned make me a bad person?

It does not. If you've been banned for bad behaviour, perhaps there are things you can work on to do better.

Bans are simply how we attempt to keep the game safe and fair for everyone as a whole. They are not personal judgements

Why is this page so rude any cynical?

Minus the cynicism, every argument posted here has been posted by users to appeal their ban. I'm sure most of these were said in desperation.

But there's only so many times the same arguments can be responded to individually.

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